Be it passion or obsession, Shaun has had a life long inclination to gravitate towards two wheels. With or without a motor, on or off road. 

When not being a father to two future world champion riders (no pressure), or building both custom bicycles and motorcycles for clients, Shaun is chasing the “flow” on a bike himself.  

From a solo bicycle crossing of the Saharan and Libyan deserts, participating in continent crossing bike packing events (where he and Matt met) to exploring the seemingly endless trails of the European Alps along with a bit of racing here and there. 

As part of this pursuit, Shaun has a background of product management for some of the biggest manufacturers in the bike industry along with hands on mechanical work from the retail store trenches all the way up to MTB world Cup and World Champs.

Amidst all this, Shaun has developed a great appreciation for the shared experience of exploring new trail in different cultures and places with like-minded riders.

For Shaun, facilitating others to experience hidden and sometimes secret locations has become a true driver of what League Of Trail is.

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