For over 30 years Matt has been riding and racing bikes. A love affair that has included mountain biking, BMX, road biking, bikepacking and gravel grinding.

Matt loves big trips both on and off the bike. Having lived in the UK for a large part of his adult life, Matt spent years riding the European Alps and Pyrenees with his European experience culminating in racing to third place in the inaugural Transcontinental Bikepacking Race in 2013 (a solo, unsupported, single stage bicycle race from London to Istanbul). Bikepacking trips closer to home have seen him explore the backroads from Brisbane to Adelaide.  Off the bike Matt has explored many areas of Australia by sea kayak including an expedition from Wilsons Promontory (Victoria) to Port Arthur (Tasmania) across the Bass Strait in 2009.

Although Matt doesn’t discriminate when it comes to riding bikes, he likes nothing better than a big day in the backcountry on his mountain bike.

Matt is a PMBIA (Level 2) qualified guide with years of expedition experience (including Wilderness First Aid qualifications) and a contagious passion for getting outdoors, testing his limits and having a great time doing it.

Matt can’t wait to guide you and show you some sweet trails on your next League of Trail adventure!

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